Midi-J (aka Michele Di Lazzaro) has always been very fond of dance music, electronic sounds and new musical experiments, but in 1995 he finds in techno music his real artistical outlet.

From 1997 onwards he handles computers and instruments for creating electronic music; he thus starts producing his records, after having met the dj who taught him nearly everything i.e. Marco Vortex.

The first official record is 06 E.P. on Wicked records in 1998, together with dj Vortex and other djs of “Mondo Radio” team; between 1998 and 2000 he pursues his activity in the studio of dj Carlos and in the “Church studio” of Arpa’s Dream, but his creative turning point occurs in 2001 when he opens his own “Midi-studio”. Since then he has produced his records the first of which has been in 2001 Midex 2k on Plastic records.

He played his music in many italian parties and he has often participated as guest in the radio program “Working Progress" with his mixed set.

He is producer and remixer for Zoom, Stik, Wicked, Sound Barrier, GM04, Plastix, and among his hits we find Drop the Bass, Midi Style, Freedom, Groove it Fuckin' Time and many others.

He is studing @ SLMC music college in Rome to become also a good sound engeneer.

His style is raw and aggressive but he can also create a great atmosphere at the right moment...!